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Teacher Gifts Christmas 2016

December 31, 2016

I don’t know how it happened or how I survived, but I did. I have made it through another December. The kiddos had a great holiday season with visits to Santa, plays, gatherings with family and friends, baking sessions, and many gifts to open. My poor blog has been much neglected this month. I am taking this last day of 2016 to post everything I made in December. The details may be scarce but at least there are pictures.

Teacher gifts are always a challenge a challenge for me. My kiddos and I have about 8 teacher gifts to give every year. I want the gifts to be useful and enjoyed, but not cost me an arm and a leg. This year, I put together mini wrapping kits. Each bag contained a pillow box with 4 or 5 handmade tags, a roll of tape, a gel pen, a roll of ribbon, and a half roll of wrapping paper. I also included a cookie as a treat to have when wrapping.


We gave the bags out about 3 weeks before Christmas, so they could be used. I loved this idea and can’t wait to improve it next year.