Pizza Party Game

January 27, 2016

When I updated my blog in February 2016, I lost all the posting I had already done. I am doing my best to put the posts back up but I do not remember all the details for each card.  Unfortunately, the details for this project may be a bit scarce.

My daughter is having a “Make Your Own Pizza” Party at our local pizzeria for her birthday. Each child will get to make and eat their own pizza while at the party. We needed something for the kids to do while waiting for the pizza’s to cook. I made a Pin the Topping on the Pizza Game.


The kids and I drew a large circle on some poster board, added the crust line and colored the whole thing with crayons. It kept the kiddos busy for quite a while. Lastly, I had the whole thing laminated so that we could easily remove the “toppings.”

The “toppings” were cut from colored cardstock using Lawn Fawn’s Pizza My Heart and Tag You’re It Dies. I only made olives and pepperoni because they were the easiest and the birthday girl’s favorites. I used masking tape to have the toppings stick to the big pizza.

I also made an eye mask with a scrap of the apron material and some elastic.

Hope you enjoyed.

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